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She didn't know what to feel now. It was like, another harsh reality of life has hit her on face. But soon realization dawned on Khushi and before anything happened, she ran turning back and slipped through the doors. For a moment Arnav couldn't understand a thing.

What the heck just happened??

Without thinking anything else, Arnav chased after Khushi. All he knew was that he needed to apologize. He would be dammed if he didn't.


She pushed the door open and entered a room aloof from all the others. Whilst shutting the door and gasping for breath, a single drop of grief welled up from the corner of her eye and suddenly, the dam broke. She leaned against the door, and slid down, hugging her knees and sobbing. Her whole body was trembling, she put her fist on her mouth to muffle her cry, her screams, rolled her eyes to stop the tears from falling but they didn't stop or rather wouldn't.

The tears began to boil in her mind, erasing her misery and filling her head with boiling rage. Like lightening striking sand, turning it from grain to glass, her sadness hardened into rigid anger.

When she thought that she could actually love someone after caging that poisonous feeling inside her in a cave and never letting it free, when she thought that she had found some true happiness, it was snatched away from her even before she could have a taste of it.

She felt usedAgain.

May be not entirely because she was also at fault in the past but knowingly or unknowingly HE was the reason of snatching all her happiness once Again.

She didn't know the reason of her anger. Was she angry because he was living and enjoying his life to the fullest with his family and daughter when her heart was aching for such life? Or because that devil was the father of her Angel? She didn't know nor did she want to. But yes, that's what Anaya was for Khushi. Her angel. Her Angel in disguise, her salvation.

She knew he didn't deserve an angel like her but she couldn't change the fact that HE was her father. She wiped her tears, sniffing all the while, with the back of her palm vigorously, not giving two hoots if the two bangles she wore were bruising her pale skin, till they became a dark shade of red.

I can't do this. I can't talk to Anaya. Not anymore. Not when I have found whose daughter she is. I can't abdicate this job but I can avoid talking to Annie or try not to come in front of her. I know all this is going to be difficult for both of us but she is a child of five after all. She would soon forget me... Yes.. sshe would.. Her own voice a little unsure at the thought. Her heart sank thinking about evacuating her new found happiness from her life, about avoiding Anaya, but she couldn't help it. She looked hysterical and weak but she was determined. Determined about not to have any link with him.

But never did she ponder over the fact that now, even she was a part of Anaya's life. That Anaya considered her of something very dear in her life too.


At a distance away from her Arnav stood gaping silently at nowhere in particular. She was right there standing in front of his own eyes but with a blink of his eyes she was nowhere to be seen. His breadth raged and his  fist turned in a fist as dejectedly, he went to his SUV and gave a tight smile to Anaya who beamed at him making him more glum thinking when he should be rejoicing his daughter's return after one week he was thinking about her. But when was there any moment when he didn't think about her? All the time he spend withher? And HOW he treated her? He couldn't wait anymore so he decided to ask his daughter about Khushi at that very moment.

"Annie, is there any Ms. Singhania that teaches in your school? She was even in your camp."

"Why do you ask?" She asked him back but lost in eying her gift.

"umm... she's a friend,"

"No Daddy I don't know her. Look what Ms. Gupta gave me," She half heard him and showed him her gift.

"it's nice," he said not even giving a look to the gift confused and lost in his own thoughts.

"DADDYYY, you didn't even look at it," She whined and gave him a pout. That brought him back to where he was and he picked her up and sat her on his lap. He smiled genuinely at her making sure to give all the attention his daughter deserved and gave a kiss on her chubby cheeks looking curiously at the gift. Although he didn't understand what it was, he was happy that Annie was happy. "It's really good Annie, now come on give Daddy a kiss. We have met after so long.

As she kissed his left cheek, right cheek, forehead, and nose and lastly gave a sweet kiss on his lips, Arnav hugged her tightly and kissed the top of her head, his face beaming with joy. His daughter was his world. He didn't know what he would do without her.

With thoughts of her never leaving him, he started his SUV.

All the way through Raizada Mansion, all he got to hear was about how nice Ms. Gupta is, how much she loves Anaya, that she calls her princess et cetera, et cetera. His daughter was in a state of extreme euphoria after receiving a gift from her Ms. Gupta. Although he still was a bit confused as to why she was not letting him see that. But he felt content watching that smile on his daughter's face. A smile briefly crossed his lips as he made a mental note to visit this Ms. Gupta after he find out about a certain Ms. Singhania. Little did he know that the women whose memories has managed to haunt him in his dreams was his daughter's new best friend Ms. Gupta. Now named as Ms. Khushi Gupta.


"Why do you keep spacing out?" Payal asked looking at Khushi, causing her to shift her gaze on Payal.

They were back to their apartment. As the orphanage 'Aashna' was at the outline of city, a bit far away from the school, they both had decided to shift to a small one bhk apartment to save traveling cost and time. It was cheap but decent. They had decided to often visit Aashna and Payal's home when they get time. Khushi was getting ready to meet the couples eager to adopt a child but her mind was preoccupied with the occurrences of the morning.

"Sorry" she mumbled after blinking a couple of times. Payal rolled her eyes babbling about something. But Khushi couldn't really listen as she replayed what happened in the morning.

She did not expect him there...

"You are doing it again!" Payal snapped her fingers in front of her face. She hit back to realty and slightly pushed Payal away from herself.

"I am just a bit tired" she stated. Payal rolled her eyes again, sitting up on her bed, giving khushi a pointed look. Payal hadn't missed her puffy eyes while coming back but she let it go at that moment.

"What is up Khushi? A penny for your thoughts?" Payal stated seriously. Khushi widened her eyes. Oh, yes, nothing can be hidden from Payal for long. "I knew it. I knew that something's up. What happened Khush? Are you missing her already?"

Khushi knew whom Payal was referring to and she wanted to blurt out everything she has buried deep inside her but what would she tell her? That a man from her inescapable past made a reappearance just to destroy her all over again and snatch her happiness she found not a long ago? No. She didn't want Payal to be a part of her misery so she just nodded in return.

"Aww, Khush let this weekend past and then you can meet Anaya in school. OK?

She felt a familiar prickling sensation in her eyes but closed them, it was not the time to cry.


Meanwhile in Shantivan everyone was having dinner where special attention was given to Anaya. Nani and mami were at their tirth yatra when she left for the camp. So when Arnav and Anaya entered Shantivan, she was showered by several hugs and kisses by nani and Anjali followed by mami making her sit in her lap and not letting her go for an hour. While Arnav just stood talking business with his mamaji and Aakash looking at the ladies in between and smiling looking at his lovely family. He knew his princess loved all this attention. So at this moment, she was sitting in between his mami and di having morsels with his mamiji's hand and talking about her Miss. Gupta when the doorbell rang. They were just wondering who might be at their home at this time when...

"Nannav mere bhaaaii" A loud voice interrupted their thoughts making everyone eyes going wide. They immediately left their dinner and gathered in living room with a huge smile on their faces ready to welcome the unexpected guest.

"NK? What a..." Arnav whispered only to be cut in the middle by Anjali squeal "pleasant surprise" as she hugged him.

"Hello, brother..." he mimicked his fav. actor Salman and banged his fist with Akash just like their old days. He greeted everyone and praised mamiji for her overtly-done-makeup and came in front of Arnav who stood still gaping at him with his mouth slightly open. To him it looked like a week of surprises. First Khushi and now Nk aka Nand kishore, his childhood buddy, whom he was meeting after nearly ten years. They were called best buddies in school till Nk went to Mumbai for his further studies and later on Australia while Arnav remained in Delhi to finish his graduation. They called each other almost every month at least if they couldn't manage a weakly call, but then everything changed after Arnav came from Harvard finishing his MBA and the rest they say is history.

"Nannav? Tum mujhe phek ke khush nahin hue? Why are you standing like akaput?Arnav rolled his eyes and hugged him tight whispering in his ears "Your hindi has become more awful, Nk."

"Yeah, as if you have a PhD in it,"

As the greeting session came to end Nk's eyes fell upon the little girl who was pulling Arnav's trouser calling his dear friend Daddy. As Arnav picked Anaya in his arms Nk gasped, his eyes widened in surprise. "Anaya?" The look on his face was funny.

He looked at Arnav and then Anaya pointing a finger on her he asked, "She is your daughter, Nannav?" His face looked comical while Arnav looked confused.

"Er, yeah, she is. You know her?"

Nk beamed and quickly rushed to take her into his arms. "Hey, cutie pie,"

"Hello Nk sir" She giggled seeing her daddy's face etched with confusion. "Daddy, who is Nannav?"

"Oh, cutie pie, your Daddy who else?" Nk said loudly but then whispered in her ears making her giggle some more. "When he was of your age, he couldn't pronounce his name correctly because of his two missing front teeth. Isn't it cute? And look at your daddy now. He has become old and grumpy."

What was Nk doing? He's right there in front of him, the moron. He knew what he was doing. After all these year he never let it go, always ready to tell others about that, as if it was the headline of the day.

While inwardly he was amused.

"Ho gaya? Now may I know how you guys know each other?" Arnav glared at the traitor as he took Annie back in his arms.

"Actually I was in Annie's camp to help my friend, so--"

"Oh, but, how come I didn't see you there today?"

"Arre, Nannav you ask too many questions. I left a little earlier, got my luggage from the hotel and directly came here to meet you all. Khush? And If I may ask, when did you get married dude? You didn't deem it necessary to inform me? You didn't invite me? I thought we were chuddy-buddies,"

"Dost dost na raha, pyaar py--"

As everyone blocked their ears hearing him whining like a child Arnav chuckled watching his filmy friend. "Ok ok fine. I'll tell you everything later, alright? First go and freshen up and join us for dinner " When Nk turned to go to the guest room, Arnav stopped him in is track, "By the way I can pronounce my name very well now, Nandkishore,"

Nk squinted his left eye, scratching the back of his head as he watched Arnav smirking at him. 


Arnav was leaning against the wall near his poolside as the door opened unexpectedly, catching his attention. Everyone was asleep by now, he knew. And he had himself tucked Annie in her bed. He turned and raised his eyebrows as he saw Nk walking in. Of course. He had some explanation to do.

Nk saw Arnav's body stiff and knew what was going through his mind.

"Di told me everything Nannav. You don't need to explain."

Arnav gave a sad smile in return with regret filling his nerves. "I'm sorry for breaking off all the ties with you Nk.. I just.. I don't know.. I wasn't thinking.. and then.. Just.. it was never my intention. I.."

"I know that Nanav. And it wasn't only you. I could have come back earlier, you know, but got up caught up with... stuffs. But is there anything I should know? Something that happened after you came back to India?" He saw Arnav diverting his eyes, looking anywhere but him. He could clearly tell how he much he has changed. He looked handsome and he could bet that any girl would fall head over heels with this man standing in front of him, but he was no friend of Arnav if he couldn't see the hollowness in his eyes. Where was the Arnav he had left behind when he went for his studies? 

Nk sighed before smiling with a shrug. "It's okay if you don't want to tell me anything as of now. But it's alright. I'll be there, in case you need me.

Arnav sighed sadly. "It's not that I don't trust you--"

"You don't, though," Nk replied bluntly letting out a chuckle as he stared at the floor. "'Everyone knows I'm not good with keeping secrets."

"That's not it at all, Nk."

"Then, what?"

Arnav opened his mouth to respond but decided against it when he noticed him laughing.

"What's so funny?" Arnav scowled.

"You," Nk grinned. "You are funny, Nannav. You need to loosen up a bit, you know? I was just messing up with you."

Arnav rolled his eyes. He should have known. Nk and his ways of making situation normal.

"By the way Annie is a wonderful child. You have taken care of her really well Nannav."

"I know. After all she is Arnav Singh Raizada's daughter, you see" Arnav said lifting his collars.

"Yes, I know that really well Nannav Singh Raizada," he said mocking him while letting out a chuckle.

Arnav shook his head in exasperation before joining him in his laugh. Geeze, He is never going to stop saying that. "I'm glad you came, Nkand hugged him before calling it a night.

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Saturday, 25 May 2013



The sun shined through the little window in her cabin and she opened her eyes slowly. A smile spread across her face as she got ready. This was going to be a good, no, great, day. She could tell already.

Humming to herself quietly, she walked to the front of the room. "Good morning," she said in a sing-song voice.

Everyone gave her sceptical looks but stopped talking. It was quiet for a second and she looked around awkwardly.

"Well?" she said. "What should we do today? Any ideas guys?" She faced everyone who was standing there, watching her in awe. "Is everything okay?" she asked nervously beginning to lose her confidence from earlier.
No one spoke and she stared at them. "Guys? What's wrong?"

Finally, Anaya stepped forward. "Miss. It's the last day of camp," she said in a small voice.

She looked at Anaya first and then to the rest of the group. All the other kids looked a bit upset too. Then she plastered a smile on her face even though she didn't feel entirely happy. "Don't get disheartened. So what if it is the last day of camp? We are gonna meet after two days right? Then we'll do all the Masti. Okay?"

Everyone nodded excitedly and she felt a gush of happiness passed through her watching their excited face.

She twirled around excitedly. "Now it's time to go outside!" She grabbed a football and led them out the door to an open field in front of the forest.

Setting the ball on the grass, she gathered all the kids around her. "You all know how to play football right?" They nodded and she smiled. Dividing the teams up, she threw the ball onto the field and watched as the kids ran vigorously. With a satisfied feeling, she plopped down on the ground.

Two shadows surrounded her and she looked up to see NK and Payal.

"Okay, now you are just making fun of me."

"Haven't I always been?" Payal rolled her eyes.

"Hey Khushi!"NK ignored Payal and yelled.

"She's right here Nk. No need to yell," teased Payal.

"Yeah right," he laughed. "I can't be quiet. I'm naturally loud you know?"

"Oh believe me I know," Payal sighed and then started laughing like a maniac seeing Nk's expression.  He scowled heavily, his eyes burning hole into Payal's head as he stared at her in a way that signified that he knew what she meant, he looked cute though while doing so. Nk picked some dry grass and started throwing on her head.

"Stop it Nk. what are you? five?" screamed Payal faking her anger.

Khushi smiled watching Nk and Payal fight like school kids but soon her smile faltered from her face when it took her back to that other friday morning when life was easy...

She was sitting with Lavanya and Akash's group. And yes! that included Arnav too. She tried really hard to ignore him, but he was starting to get on her nerves. She finally snapped her head towards him and gave him her best death glare. He, in turn, just amused. Amused. What the?

She was a person who got easily annoyed and guess what? She was freaking annoyed. And yeah, that's the understatement of the century.

"What?" she whispered, not hiding the annoyance in her voice.

"What what?" he replied, still staring at Khushi with that amused glint in his eyes.

"Stop staring," She hissed. He did look cute with his royal blue long sleeved t-shirt hugging his upper body with sleeves rolled up to his elbow and those ice blue jeans and canvas shoes, and his hair framing his eyes and face, but that did not make him any less annoying.

"Why?" He tilted his head to one side as his smirk grew wider.

"Because it's creepy," She snapped, fighting the urge to poke his eyes out with her pen. But she wouldn't want to ruin a perfectly good pen, oh no.

"What's so creepy about it?" He whispered in that low and Oh so sexy voice of his, a teasing glint evident in his tone.

She raised her eyebrows at him, feeling incredulous and thought. Really? He was asking me why staring is creepy? And why did his voice held a teasing tone?  

"You don't think it's creepy that you're practically boring a hole in my face with your staring? Plus, it's disrespectful. I'm trying to concentrate here. You do realize that we have our exams coming, right?" She whispered back angrily.

"You know you like me looking at you," he said, wiggling his eyebrows.

Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. Can this guy be more arrogant and full of himself? He might have a nice laugh, and his eyes were to die for, but still. What a prick!

"Yes, I would like you looking at me so much that I'd very much like to poke your eyes out," she said sarcastically, her hands clenching into fists.

He shook his head, the amusement never leaving his face. "Just admit it, babe."

Her nostrils flared at the mention of babe. Her clenched fist tightened, and she turned to him with fire in her eyes.

"Babe? Babe?!" She said through gritted teeth. "Do I look like a piglet to you?" she screamed and immediately seven heads snapped in her direction.

He opened his mouth about to say something, but then the bell rang, cutting him off. She quickly shoved all her belongings into her bag and stood up. She shot him a death glare at the living pompous bag whispering "meet me after the class" and was out the door in a flash.


"What has gotten into you Arnav? Why were you behaving like that in front of others? It would have become very obvious that something is up between us. Why do you annoy me all the time? I know you hate me even if we have made out several times by now, but still?" she huffed after letting it all go in one breath.

"First of all, I don't hate you, okay? And second, I was just trying to mess up with you. I love it, you know? Watching you all flushed and..."

But everything he said went into blurs after his 'I don't hate you'. Of course it didn't matter anything to her but still somehow before today she found it hard to believe that he still hated her after what happened between them on Lavanya's Birthday. But his one sentence made her smile..

"...nose getting red. what? Why are you smiling now? You amuse me Khushi Singhania. A moment earlier, you were so annoyed and now you are smiling?"

She rolled her eyes in response before turning around, making sure her long ponytail hit Arnav in the face and closed her locker shut.

"Dammit Khushi, you got me in the eye!" Arnav whined. Sure enough, him rubbing one of his brown caramel eyes irritably was the site that greeted her when she turned to face him. She rolled her eyes again.

Like I could really hit his eyes. He was tall enough for my ponytail to only hit him in the nose, at most. I certainly didn't swing my ponytail that high. If I did I'd have a headache right now.  thought Khushi amused.

"Oh man up Raizada. Anyways, just go before someone walks in." She shoved him by putting her hands on his chest.

"I AM a man! And have proved it many times by now Khushi. Many times. And I can pleasurably prove it to you again. " He smirked and pushed her into the empty room besides her locker.

"Khushiji... Khushiji... KHUSHIJI..." Coming out of her thoughts she heard someone calling her.


"Are you alright?" NK asked.

"Yeah, why?" Khushi said, giving him a weak smile.

"You don't seem alright," NK mused, "You would tell me if something was wrong though, right?"

"Yeah," Khushi lied, and gave her what was hopefully looking like a real smile. Even though they had met just a couple of days ago, she found a great friend in Nk.

"We were asking you once we are done with the unpacking and all after reaching, you wanna come out to dinner with Payal and I?" Nk asked. Khushi was about to agree when she remembered that she had promised Garima she would herself go for a dinner with a couple who were really eager to adopt a child from orphanage.

"Sorry I already agreed go out for dinner with someone." Khushi answered looking up at NK. He shrugged but asked "Hot date?"  Wait, was that a hint of jealousy I picked up on? No. It couldn't be... He thought to himself and laughed out loud even before listening to her answer. But Khushi just smiled hesitantly.


The day zoomed past and soon everyone began to bid their goodbyes. Khushi made sure that she went and hugged everyone first before she allowed Anaya to as she knew Anaya won't leave her after that. Everyone was murmuring their farewells.  At last she reached Anaya and embraced her, letting all of her love for Anaya seep into it.

Even though they didn't start off well, now Anaya never failed to make Khushi smile and enliven her day. She loved everyone but Anaya was special. She felt a rush of warmth surrounded her and she smiled. Maybe because she never talked about her parents to anyone but after letting it out in front of Anaya created a sacred bond between them. But still, she wanted to apologize to her for ruining her diary that day.

"I'm really sorry for your diary Annie, Forgive me?" Khushi tilted her face holding her ear with one hand.

"You know Miss.? Daddy is always alone. He gets bad dreams. He hides his sadness, by smiling. But I wanted him to be really, really happy. That is why I started writing letters to God, asking for a mom. Moms make everyone happy, right? But I wonder if God ever read them. You don't need to apologize. What I did after that was very wrong. I'm sorry too." Anaya hold both her ears dejectedly.

Khushi looked at Anaya feeling tears build up at the back of her eyes, hearing her concern for her dad and her sincere apology. She blinked them away and gave Anaya a small smile "Your mother would've been so proud of the good girl you have become Annie,"

"You think so?" Anaya asked, tilting her head to one side as well.

"Oh Princess, I know so," Khushi said. "Here, I have a gift for you. You are going to love this." She gave her a neatly wrapped packet in Pink.

"For me?" Annie asked and Khushi nodded in return.

Annie unwrapped the gift as fast as she could. Her little eyes lit with incitement. But all Anaya could see was some envelopes and few sheets, they were beautiful though with glitters and cute cartoon characters on them. She looked at Khushi, confusion all written on her face.

"You are wondering if God ever read your letters. But how would he if your letters never reached to God?" On seeing more confusion on Anaya's face Khushi explained further. "I gave you this so that you could write more letters and send them to God and this time he will fulfil your every wish. Pakka."



"But I don't know his address."

"Umm... He lives in Heaven." Khushi answered her question after bit thinking.

"Wow! Now God will listen to my prayers?"

When Khushi nodded Anaya clapped cheerfully and hugged Khushi once more. Khushi smiled at her genuinely and said "I'm just going to go inside and grab my stuff. Okay?"

Just as Khushi went inside, a car honked and Anaya turned to see Arnav standing there with his arms open wide.

"Daddy!" Anaya squealed, running to the front of the gate. She managed to run without tripping over anything.

"Hey, princess!" Arnav grinned, scooping her up in his arms and flicking her cute little nose. "Missed me?"

"A LOT Daddy. I want to tell you so many things. I made so many friends here. And Miss Gupta is the best. She is my dance teacher and she gave me this gift too and she loves me like you do. And she call me Princess." She blabbered until she was stopped by Arnav.

"Woah. I think I have a competition then." Arnav faked a pout and asked her to get in the car so that they could talk while driving. Anaya grinned at him and turned around and headed for the SUV.

But Arnav could not move even an inch. How could he when She was standing right in front of him looking equally shocked? But to say she was shocked would be an understatement for Khushi. She paled, raising a hand to cover her beating heart as she took in the scene in front of her. She had seen everything that transpired between father and daughter. She didn't understand, as if her brain short-circuited and needed to be rebooted. Around her, everything was in fast-forward while she was motionless in the middle of it all. How was it possible?

HE was Anaya's father?

"are waah aapko pata hai chhote ki beti bhi usi school me padhti hain."

ANAYA was his daughter?

She didn't know what to feel now. It was like, another harsh reality of life has hit her on face. But soon realization dawned on Khushi and before anything happened, she ran turning back and slipped through the doors. For a moment Arnav couldn't understand a thing.

what the heck just happened??

Without thinking anything else, Arnav chased after Khushi. All he knew was that he needed to apologize. He would be dammed if he didn't.


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Friday, 1 February 2013



He had her pressed against the wall. His hand was slowly slipping up her naked thigh. Soon his hand disappeared under her skirt. She started breathing harshly through her mouth, he could hear her moaning as she grabbed and sunk her pointy red nails into his neck.

She raised her head up and closed her eyes in a lustful way...

"Had fun last night??"

"Shut up and kiss me, you moron,"


"I'am sorry Mr. Raizada. Your sister had a miscarriage."

"Ar... Arn..av.. M... My"

"Yaad rakhiye chhote ek maa ke liya uska baccha hi sab kuch hota hai,"



"and even if it is my child I don't care SAMJHI TUM... I don't bloody care if it's my child so just abort it."

"you and your child are no one to me. You are no one but a fu*king wh**e.. samjhi tum.."

"don't try to mess with me in future because I FU*K THOSE WHO FU*K WITH ME.."


"Yaad rakhiye chhote ek maa ke liya uska baccha hi sab kuch hota hai."


"Stop! Stop! Stop!" he woke up full of sweat and tears. He threw his hands over his ears in a desperate attempt to drown out the noise.

His throat seemed to constrict and the air around him was vanishing, causing his lungs to shrivel up as he almost refused to breathe, refused to move, refused to make any sound at all...  his heart was rapidly beating in his chest, so loudly he could hardly hear anything over it. His mouth has completely dried out. He couldn't take it anymore.

He threw his quivering hands over his face and let out a long, deep breadth to calm him. It has been 6yrs but still the nightmares come every night.

He looked over to his right and glowered at his clock. '6:am!' A bottle of sleeping pills could be seen sitting on his nightstand.

He stepped into the bathroom and stared into the smudged up mirror to look at his horrified state. After taking a long hard look at the lost man he splashed a handful of icy water over his heated face. After that he stepped into the large shower to calm his mind. The streaming water harshly hit his skin and rolled down his body as he tilted his head back and ran his finger through his hair.

The past refused to leave him alone, punishing him, showing him just what an awful person he was for leaving her in such a state - when she needed him the most. And the words he used, still horrified him.

Anyone else might have thought Arnav Singh Raizada had a great life. But the truth was his life has been a living hell the last 6yrs, except his daughter. She was the one for whom he was still living. She came in his life like an angel and gave him the reason to live because the guilt was just too heavy to live with.  But the guilt and pain was always there and was increasing day by day. Till now he thought that she was dead and this killed him every day. But as he now knew she was still alive he decided to apologize.

After Di's miscarriage I came to know how it feels to lose your baby. And I asked you to abort our child? The guilt suffocates me Khushi. I'm tired of trying to breathe. I am tired of carrying this burden around with me. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry Khushi. I'm a terrible human being. Please forgive me... He whispered and grabbed his towel and went to get ready to start some investigation.


He was early in the office today.

"I need every information about Ms. Singhaniya from Annie's school urgently. And I want every damn information." He voiced authoritively to Aman, his right handed man. Arnav was not a man that made polite requests, no he barked instructions, or demanded acquiescence, either way his commands were obeyed.

After few hours of investigation Aman came in his cabin sweating heavily making up ways to tell him what he found.
"Hold on." He frowned "what did you say??"

"I s..said there is one named Miss. S..Singhaniya in your daughter's school ASR,"

He frowned. How was it possible? She herself said that she was a teacher in Annie's school. Did she lie? Then what was she doing in the middle of the forest?  He thought

"Are you sure there is no one named Miss. Singhaniya in Annie's school?" he asked Aman again.

"No ASR. Our investigation team couldn't find anyone named Singhaniya," Aman replied.


"Anything else, ASR?"

He rubbed his temples "No, that's it."

Aman could very well see that his boss was not well. His aching hands rubbing his temples and his jaw clenching. Clearly, his eyes were just as uneasy as he was. It was like a lion in a cage. He had never seen him like that. He had seen him upset and lost some times but never had he seen him so helpless, unlike his personality.  

"You may go now." He snorted.

Aman jerked out of his thought and quickly made his way through the door.

Arnav decided he would ask Anaya about Khushi himself. This Aman was just a good-for-nothing secretary. Well that was not entirely true because he was the best man he could ever have.


"Morning, Anaya," Khushi smiled, kissing Anaya's cheek. "Why, you're glowing sweetheart?"

"Oh, because I have you now and yep Morning Miss." Anaya replied brightly.

"Did you have your breakfast?"

"oh erm no,"


"I hate that bland Khichdi, it has no flavourin it... yukk" she scrunched her nose in disgust.

"Oh Anaya," Khushi sighed. "You know you have to still eat them, honey."

Anaya showed Khushi her soiled hands bringing them to her face "Will you feed me?" she giggled. Khushi scooped her up, immediately feeling a bond between herself and Anaya. Her large chocolate brown eyes were to die for, and her curly hairs framed her chubby-cheeked face cutely.

"Okay, then let's go," she said still holding her against her, her little hands around her neck.
"Why do you call me Anaya?" She asked Khushi between mouthfuls.

"Baby first finish off what's in your mouth, and why? Isn't that your name or should I call you your Highness because you are my princess?" said Khushi smiling at the end.

Anaya giggled and gulped her food suddenly leading to chocking. Khushi rubbed her back in and held her chin and asked her to look up. "I told you to finish it off right?" said Khushi a bit sternly.

But Anaya grinned in reply "You know you are like my bua. She also scold me like this. But you are sweet. I love you!! And you should call me Annie like my daddy" she hugged Khushi and kissed on both her cheeks.

"I love you too, Princess Annie." And Khushi too hugged her.

Anaya's eyes caught something and she immediately asked Khushi "Why Ahuja Mam is knitting jumpsuits? And that too so small? It won't fit her. She is sooo big."

"That is for the baby" Khushi chuckled.

"What baby?" Anaya asked.

"She's having a baby" she replied.

"Oh, I love babies. When's the baby gonna be here?"

"In five months," she smiled sadly remembering her days of pregnancy.

"Can it come now?" Anaya asked innocently looking at her with her shining chocolate brown eyes.

Khushi tilted her head back and erupted in laughter, despite her efforts to hold it. Her laugh floated through the air like a melody. The sound of her laughter, bright and cheerful like dandelions in summer days, blossomed upon the area. She hadn't laughed like this for years, no longer caring about the people watching her, her cheeks flushed red. She tried to stop when Anaya gave her a confused look.

"No, not yet," she chuckled and kissed Anaya's cheeks out of pure love and affection.

"Where is it?"Anaya asked

Khushi took Anaya's little hands, called Mrs Ahuja, bent a little and placed it on Mrs. Ahuja's stomach. Anaya looked at the spot where her hand was and frowned. Khushi looked at her face and smiled. It was hard to explain to a six year old how things worked in life. They were reasonably fluent when they ask, but sometimes they spoke things that made no sense at all!

At a corner...

"Cute, aren't they?" Nk asked Payal, leaning at the counter and smiling.

"Absolutely adorable... together" she replied.


"Daddy!" Anaya squealed, running to the front of the gate. She managed to run without tripping over anything...

"Hey, princess!" Arnav grinned, scooping her up in his arms and flicking her cute little nose.

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